I think one of the main reasons I’m so against cannabis being illegal is because I’m pagan. I can make tea to help aid sleep with lavender and valerian, or I can help a cold with rosehip and peppermint. Or I could help fight ADHD, epilepsy, cancer, treat AIDS symptoms with cannabis. To me it’s as much of a medicine as lemon balm and sage and lavender. In fact it’s even more so, because a lot of herbal medicines might be purely placebo. Cannabis is completely and scientifically helpful. The fact that Mother Nature has given to us such a tremendously important plant that could battle climate change - the damage we’ve done to Her. She’s given us a cure, a food, and a solution and yet here I am in my back garden apparently a criminal because I’m surrounded by ‘an illegal drug’.

How can you make Nature illegal? She’s all around us and teaching us the lessons we need each day, if only we’d notice them.