I decided to go walking today via footpaths and fields, so I went from Kilburn, Derbyshire to Little Eaton, Derbyshire. It was a brilliant walk and I took loads of photos, which I’ll upload tomorrow sometime. I’d show you guys but the scanner isn’t working so I can’t draw the route on the map, but it was around 6.4 miles and my dad picked me up at The Queen’s Head pub after I’d had a pint and packed the camera up.

I can tell Spring is in full whack as everything is blooming and there’s life all over. I got a few pictures of two baby rabbits and there were plenty of birds out in Father Sky. All over, it was a brilliant walk, but I’d be hesitant to go the ruins of Horsley Castle again - something about it just creeped me out, which is odd because I don’t believe in ghosts or such, it was just unwelcoming. Still, a good day in good weather.